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Celebrating Our 11th Year
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Suffolk University is one of the major universities in Boston, featuring its internationally respected Law School, School of Management, and College of Arts and Sciences

Suffolk University is
fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All Distance Calculus Courses
are offered through the
Mathematics &
Computer Science Department
at Suffolk University.

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There are three main costs for the Distance Computer Science course:

  • Tuition - Suffolk University
  • Computer Algebra Software (EHS courses only)
  • E-Textbook/Textbook/Curriculum


Tuition at Suffolk University is $593 per credit hour as of Summer 2006.

Tuition Cost for 4-Credit Course: $2372

Software Costs

Depending upon which course you enroll in, you must have one of the following computer software programs.

CS120 - Introduction to Computer Science All free software $0


Depending upon which course you enroll in, you will need the assigned E-Textbook, Textbook, or other curriculum as stated.

CS120 - Introduction to Computer Science " <? - An Introduction To Computer Science Using PHP", 7th Edition, by Robert Curtis (Order on-line from ) : $50

Students enrolling in Computer Science 120 (CS120) will purchase the textbooks themselves from the on-line providers stipulated (or other sources they may find on-line that are more competitively priced).

Distance Computer Science is offered through the Mathematics and Computer Science Department
at Suffolk University •41 Temple Street • Beacon Hill • Boston, Massachusetts 02114 USA

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