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Suffolk University is one of the major universities in Boston, featuring its internationally respected Law School, School of Management, and College of Arts and Sciences

Suffolk University is
fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All Distance Calculus Courses
are offered through the
Mathematics &
Computer Science Department
at Suffolk University.

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Distance Calculus
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Enrolling in a Distance Calculus/Computer Science course is very easy.

You many enroll in a Distance Calculus/Computer Science course at any time.
These courses are not based upon the Academic Calendar!

For example, if you want to enroll TODAY , and start TODAY , you can! *

Here are the steps to enrolling in a Distance Calculus/Computer Science course:
  1. Download the Distance Calculus/Computer Science Enrollment Form

    This form is in PDF format. [If you need Adobe Acrobat, you may get it here .]

  2. Fill Out the Distance Calculus/Computer Science Enrollment Form
    There are 3 pages:
    • Page 1: Basic Enrollment Information
    • Page 2: Tuition Payment Information to Suffolk University
    • Page 3: Software/E-Textbook Payment Information
    You will need to know the course name and course number for the course you wish to enroll in. This information is available on other pages on this website. If you are unsure which course number, just ask us for help! Our contact information in the upper-right-hand corner of every page.

    There are a number of policies from Suffolk University that you need to be aware of. The policies specific to Distance Calculus/Computer Science are on this Registration Form. Other policies specific to being a student at Suffolk University are available on their website .

  3. Paying by Check/Money Order
    If you plan to pay by Check/Money Order, then send TWO CHECKS , a tuition check for Page 2 to Suffolk University, and a software/e-textbook check for Page 3 to MathMonkeys, LLC, and mail to:
    Distance Calculus/Computer Science
    P.O. Box 390833
    Central Square
    Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

    phone: 1-617.497.2096
    fax: 617.497.2116

  4. Paying by Credit Card
    If you plan to pay by Credit Card, you may FAX us the Registration Forms to


    This is a secure-fax machine, only available to the Distance Calculus/Computer Science staff, so you need not be worried about your credit card information being accessible by anyone else.

    If you prefer to mail us the Registration Forms with your credit card information, you may do so to the address above.

  5. Completed Registration
    Once we receive your Registration Forms, we should have them processed with Suffolk University within 1-2 days. At the time of receipt of the Registration Forms, we will get you started in the Distance Calculus/Computer Science course immediately.

* - Regular students at Suffolk University who wish to take Distance Calculus/Computer Science must follow the academic calendar to which they are assigned as regular Suffolk students, depending upon their school/college enrollment and major.

Distance Computer Science is offered through the Mathematics and Computer Science Department
at Suffolk University •41 Temple Street • Beacon Hill • Boston, Massachusetts 02114 USA

Phone: 617.497.2096
FAX: 617.497.2116
[email protected]