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Flexible Time

One of the best features of Distance Computer Science is flexible time .

For working adults, and working students, the issues of time and schedule are the biggest impediments to their academic careers.

The Usual: Lockstep Lectures

Academic v. personal schedules

Often, academic schedules do not fit well with work and career schedules. For example, after completing Computer Science I in an evening course at your local college, Computer Science II may not be offered in the evening, but only in the morning at 10AM. That time may be right in the middle of your work day. Getting that time off three days per week may be possible, but disrupts your personal schedule enormously. Or, as is quite often the case, you cannot change your work schedule, and you simply cannot take Computer Science II at your local college.

Another challenge to the working adult/working student is the "life/job issue crisis".

Many students find themselves in the middle of an academic semester, and their job takes a turn where they have to spend more time at work - evenings and weekends - for a short period of time. Or, a crisis occurs at home where the time set aside for taking Computer Science is gobbled up out of necessity.

Traditional lecture-based classes are not equipped to handle these problems. A traditional lecture class will not stop for a month for you while you help your company get its new product finished, or stop while you take parental leave for a few months with a new child. The only option in these cases is to drop or ask the instructor for an incomplete , and hope that you can finish the course on your own at a later date.

The success rates of these types of plans are very low.

The Alternative: Distance Computer Science

Distance Computer Science convenes its classtime when you want.

The instructional team is available on Chat in realtime most of the day, evening, and weekends, and an additional asyncronous course design where revolving feedback on your work arrives usually daily, you set the time for Computer Science.

If you have 2 hours per night for Computer Science, after your kids are put to bed, that's when your Distance Computer Science course occurs. If lunchtime at work is to be dedicated to Computer Science study, that's when your Distance Computer Science course occurs.

If a life/family crisis occurs, and you need to take a break from Computer Science for a month or two, there is no problem with Distance Computer Science. Just inform the instructional team you need to take a break, and for how long, and we'll start nudging you when the break period is over to help you get back up and running.

If one week you wish to work in the evenings, and the following week in the mornings, that's fine, too. Whenever you want.

Flexible Time . For many students, it is the only way they can balance their life, work, personal, and family schedules to allow flexible time for Computer Science study to succeed.

Distance Computer Science is offered through the Mathematics and Computer Science Department
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