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Suffolk University is one of the major universities in Boston, featuring its internationally respected Law School, School of Management, and College of Arts and Sciences

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Transferring Credits to Other Institutions

Most Distance Calculus and Distance Computer Science students are enrolled at other colleges, universities, or high schools.

The #1 question all new prospective students have about taking a Distance Calculus/Computer Science course is:
"Will the units I earn in Distance Calculus/Computer Science transfer to my home school/college ?"

The basic answer is: Yes

The main two tests for transferring credits from one academic institution to another academic institution are the following:

  • Accredited Academic Institution
    Suffolk University is a fully accredited university. Suffolk is one of the "major 25" universities in Boston, Massachusetts, and is located on Beacon Hill, next to the capitol building for the goverment of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Courses to be Transferred Match at Home Institution
    The school/college/university that is to receive the transferring units will want to make sure that the "Introduction to Computer Science" taken via Distance Computer Science @ Suffolk University matches an "Introduction to Computer Science" that it offers.

    Introduction to Computer Science is a fairly broad topic, and most schools will accept this course for transfer because CS120 - Introduction to Computer Science involves (heavily) a computer programming component.

Units and Credits
The issue of "units" or "credits" does play a role. At some institutions, every course is 4 units. At other institutions, every course is 3 units. [Sometimes courses are 5 units!]

You will need to determine how your school will transfer these course credits. If you are satisfying a General Education requirement with this course, then usually the accepting school is only concerned with "completing a General Education course in Computer Science", not necessarily concerned with whether it is 3 credits or 4 credits.

The golden key to success in transferring units from Distance Computer Science @ Suffolk University to your home institution is talk with your Registrar about your plans first. Usually just a phone call, an email, or a visit to the Registrar's office will suffice.

"Hi, Registrar, I am planning to take Introduction to Computer Science from another school via their Distance Education offering. Specifically, Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. I plan to take their 'Programming for the World Wide Web' - 4 Credits. Here is a print out of their syllabus and course description, which appears to be similar to courses in our Academic Catalog. Do you see any problems with this plan?"

Registrars love to be asked questions before there are any problems. In all student reports from those who asked their Registrars before enrolling in Distance Calculus/Computer Science, the outcome has been very positive.

To date, there is not one single instance of a college/university/school refusing to accept transfer units from Suffolk University's Distance Calculus/Computer Science program.

There have been instances of confusion on transferring credits; in all such cases, an official letter from Suffolk University and a phone call or email have solved all problems to date.

Distance Computer Science is offered through the Mathematics and Computer Science Department
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